Forget about property rights and the non-aggression principle!

In my latest book – New World Order Exposed: Strategy, Tactics and Methods of the Power Elite – I explain how a minimal state can only ever be an interim solution. Every minimal state inevitably transforms into Big Government, because there is no way to prevent lobbyists or any powerful group from influencing politicians.

So we have a problem, and to solve a problem you have to get to the root cause of it. It may surprise many libertarians or followers of mine that I do not see the root cause of the problem as the absence of natural law or property rights or the application of the non-aggression principle. These are only consequences.

I am presenting my solution here for the first time, the fundamental principle of which can be expressed in just nine words:

The arbiter must not be part of the conflict.

In other words, the one responsible for resolving a conflict must not be part of that conflict. Since the government is the ultimate arbiter in all conflicts up to and including conflicts with the government itself, true arbitration is not possible while government exists.

This principle supersedes all other rules and is therefore the root of our problem. Let me explain why:

Taxation is not the only infringement of property rights. In fact, in a state there can be no property rights at all. All “property” is simply fiat property granted by the state. As such, it can be (and is!) confiscated by the state for whatever reason politicians deem necessary. For example, property is already being seized in Germany to be given to illegal immigrants. (This has been called fake news, but you can find my YouTube videos about it on my website.)

Clearly, the precondition for being able to exercise property rights is the absence of any government. But if the absence of government is the precondition for property rights, then property rights are simply the consequence of the absence of an ultimate arbiter.

The same is true for the non-aggression principle: It only applies if there is no government. Even worse, the state can forbid you from just talking about anarchy or property rights.

So as long as the government – or indeed any ultimate arbiter – exists, you can forget not only your property rights but even your right to argue in favor of them. Therefore, the root of the problem is the existence of an ultimate arbiter, and the only solution is not to have one.

The beauty of this line of argument is you don’t need to know anything about philosophy, natural rights, or secret societies. It’s simply true. And the truth shall set you free.

P.S. In a longer version of this article I explain why powerful groups like lobbyists can only be defeated in a private law society.

Oliver Janich is an author and journalist known for his work for the biggest publishing houses in Germany. He was the first in Europe and possibly worldwide to expose the lies and inconsistencies of the official version of 9/11 in a mainstream business magazine (Focus Money). His three books are bestsellers in Germany and his YouTube videos receive millions of views. His work has been praised by leading intellectuals such as Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Thorsten Polleit and Jörg Guido Hülsmann as well as celebrities like the popular singer Xavier Naidoo, stand-up artist and actress Lisa Fitz or Golden Globe Winner Christine Kaufmann. Janich also founded the libertarian Partei der Vernunft (Party of Reason), whose manifesto was commended by Ron Paul. His first book in English “New World Order exposed” is available on Amazon.

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